Pari women celebrate Women Day for first time in South Sudan’s history

By Keji Janefer

Pari women in Juba joined the rest of women in the world to celebrate International Women Day on 8th March 2020 after hundred years in the history of the community.

The day was celebrated under the theme; “Each for equal”. As the struggle for women’s rights continues worldwide, women in South Sudan, especially Pari women continue to be marginalized by their community due to bad cultural practices that prevent them either from going to school or from participating in public affairs.

Denial to hold positions at any level of public or community institutions and decision making are some of the cultural barriers the Pari women say have left them behind.

The Pari women were so excited to join the rest of the women in celebrating the day for the first time in history of Pari community in South Sudan.

Speaking at the occasion, Tito Ubur Ajula, the Chairperson of Pari community in Juba, said most of Pari women are not educated that’s why it took long for them to celebrate the day. He added that he is working hard to ensure that more girls are sent to school.

Angelic Ubur, one of the Pari woman who turn up to celebrate the day, said the women of Pari were not aware of this day. “we the women of Pari were sleeping because we did not know that there is women’s day being celebrated” said Ubur.

Another woman, Angelina Imoya, pointed out that there is a lot of stigma about woman in her community, especially to woman who do business and girls who attend schools are considered to be prostitutes by their parents and the community and she added that girls in her community are not given chance to study. “If you go to konyokonyo right now, you will find a lot of Pari girls who are not going to school, this is due to our culture that a girl is supposed to fetch water and cook for the family” Imoya noted.

Meanwhile, the head of Pari women.

Margaret Albino Obiye, said Pari women have not been celebrating this day because Pari women Association was not organized, pointing out that they had limited time.

Women’s day is being celebrated every year to recognize the achievement of women in the development of their country.

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