Customs Service Directorate’s alleged corruption

The issue of the alleged corruption at the Customs Service Directorate, has been the topic for discussion these days, with fingers pointed at the Director General of the customs police service, Gen. Akol Ayii Madut, as the perpetrator. Gen. Ayii categorically refuted the allegations over the media.

Whether these allegations are valid or invalid, does not matter. What matters is the country is almost entirely depending on the oil revenue, and there is hardly any talk on the non-oil revenue being used along-side the oil revenue. When salaries are not paid for months, or a certain basic service is failed to be delivered to a certain community or to the urban citizens, reference is made to the drop in oil price in the world market, the dependence of the country on only one product; oil-revenue, etc. etc.

However, if we look at the neighboring countries, we find that they do not have oil, but are economically stable. Why? They manage their non-oil revenue well. What then happens to our non-oil revenue? Is it being remitted to the government coffers? If so, what is the problem with giving, for example, the employees their salaries regularly? Soldiers, are of the most concern, for the consequence if they are not paid their salaries. It is believed that when our non-oil revenue is well managed, it can very much supplement the oil-revenue, with the result that salaries and other essential basic services can be delivered to the citizens. If not, the believe among the citizens that corruption is going on in this government sector, will always prevail.

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