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City council should be vigilant of fire outbreak

By Kiden Stela Mandela.

These days, the rate of fire outbreak is very high in Juba city. Almost every area suffers from fire incidents which is really dangerous to our societies. Though fire is a basic element for people’s living, it tends to turn into man’s worst enemy.

Often time, improper handling and use of fire has led to several fire incidents at homes, offices, schools and public places with serious repercussions.

Fire is rapid and it’s self-sustaining oxidation process accompanied by the evolution of heat and light makes it easy to intensity. It is also believed to be based on four elements which is fuel; ignition source and oxidizing agent for atmospheric Oxygen. This issue of fire is more dangerous in a way that it destroys a lot, for instances, last year Gudele market burned up twice, part of it burned last year December towards Christmas, just last week in Munuki Suk Melisa, part of a residential area got burned into ashes which let to complete loss of properties and yesterday, King’s Academy Secondar School got burnt at night assuming that it caught fire when the students were in the class, what would have happened.

Most of these fires—whether domestic, industrial, institutional, commercial, vehicular, or bush—come with devastating consequences, including loss of lives which is hard to control  

It has been observed that one of the main causes of fire outbreak in South Sudan has been electrical problems resulting from faulty wiring and misuse of electrical gadgets. In due observation electrical faults originate from poorly designed and poorly constructed electrical circuits, and the electrical wiring found in many domestic buildings in South Sudan is designed not by an electrical engineer, but by an artisan with scant knowledge of electrical circuit design. Electrical cables are commonly found strewn haphazardly on the ceiling of most domestic buildings, and when the cables’ insulation deteriorates with time, short circuits occur, resulting in fire outbreaks. Causes of naked flames are defined by Simpson to include cooking (e.g., kerosene stoves, electric cookers, gas cookers, coal pots), lighting devices (e.g., candles)

South Sudan must be very careful while connecting power in to their houses because most of the people who are working in electricity are not well trained due to our situation here in the country and because of this crisis every one tends to do something that does not concern him or her, also when you are leaving your house check properly whether you have switched off or any necessary cooking should be controlled in order to avoid fire outbreak.

I urge all citizens to try as much as possible in case of fire incident to call the fire brigade to rescue the situation because it is very dangerous to our country.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!! 

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