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The current state of affairs in South Sudan poses a severe risk and affects all sectors of the working class indiscriminately. Whether it’s employees of organizations, companies, or government institutions, the situation is particularly dire for civil servants who have not received their salaries since last year.

This is a critical issue that demands immediate attention from the government. It may seem like a joke, but the gravity of the matter cannot be understated, and it requires a response from the country’s leadership.

The circumstances have become increasingly confusing, to the point that it seems as if an outsider is running the country, displaying a lack of concern for the plight of its citizens. If the government remains indifferent, it won’t be long before the poor are compelled to stop going to work.

The suffering of innocent civilians in the hands of top government officials, who often prioritize their own interests or those of their relatives, is a grave concern. The peace process continues, aiming to bring lasting stability and prosperity to the South Sudanese people.

However, the current hardships experienced during this period of peace are disheartening. We have witnessed other nations collapse due to similar circumstances, as was the case with Sudan, where a bread crisis led to conflict. Leaders must recognize that without the support and well-being of their citizens, South Sudan cannot exist as a united and prosperous nation.

The citizens themselves played a significant role during the struggle, contributing in various ways, be it through tangible or financial means. Therefore, leaders must prioritize the well-being of all citizens before it is too late to address the mounting hardships and prevent further loss of life.

I appeal to the government to genuinely empathize with the plight of the poor and to step out of their comfort zones to witness firsthand the suffering that is unfolding.

God Bless South Sudan

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