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The Subconscious mind thinks only in the Present and does not know anything about the past or future.

By John Simon Yokwe Keri


A Chinese philosopher elaborated that, “if you are thinking of today’s life cultivate rice, and if you are thinking of ten years to come, plant trees, but if you are thinking of next generations, educate your children.”

That philosopher was actually addressing questions of consciousness in the society. It is not easy for a community to be of one mind set, thus programed. Communities are formed up of clans, and clans are formed up of families, and families are formed up of individuals, in which these individuals have their needs and aspirations differ from one person to another.

In these forms of communities, there are heads usually called leader, – Chief, Sultan, elder and so on, these leaders emerged by power, or influence, or nominations. By nominations, when the community looked to it that they need to coordinate and organize themselves for some objectives; being that there are some in justices in the community, where some individuals own the rights of others and thus, the powerful ones are likely more privileged, and others are subjected to their fever.

Because of these facts and others, as to defense against individual insecurity, and security of their territories, businesses and trades, education, health and public welfare of the people and rule of law, community will think of nominating a conscious leader who can address these issues of facts. Their nomination spires that, the coming ruler will be respected, honored and heard loudly.

The influencing factor is seen on the individuals who makes positive contributions and suggests in fever of all, viewing all as equal due to natural justice, this is why they are nominated to leadership. This type of leadership is known to be charismatic leader. Charismatic leader decides with the people and in fever of people and benefits all people. This is where the conscious minds are defined.

In political science, Leaders also emerged on power, and these are Kings, rebellions who took government by power, military coup d’état and some opportunists who make their way to ruling seats. These types of leaders at most times are characterize by fear because they use their powers to judge injustice, by killing, detentions and imprisonment. Their ultimate objective is to make and create fear among the people and subject them to their rules. They don’t give choices to people and make hard decisions for their people as the only way to life. This type of leadership is known to be dictatorship leadership and to some extend are known to be tyranny as classified by their acts.

Consciousness is not only for community and political leadership, but for citizens as well and is an obligation in life. Individually, all needs good life – good housing, good schools for children, good food and water every day, good medical facilities, good roads, good personal and property security, good justice system, good governance, good and fair businesses and trades, good firming, good social welfare and continuations of all good. So, seeing these needs are partly duties of individuals to do it and some are system of government to provide.

A conscious person will definitely have plans to provide for his/her family. For making an impact in the government system for provision of these needs, a conscious person needs to know that his/her participation in government decision-making plays crucial demonstration on the type of person to represent them in the government, spiring for the services they are expecting from him/her in the government. So, nominate a person whom you trust. Nominate a person who cannot disappoint you in times of need. Nominate a person who is obligated to serve you. Nominate a person who feels he/she is part of you. Nominate a person who is a nationalist. Nominate a person who is conscious of past, present and future.

Psychologically, subconscious people don’t know past and future, they forgot their past, and subsequently, they are enabled to think longer than present. So, they don’t know about their past or whatever happened in past. Psychiatrist says they are not mentally sick, but they just lack capacity of reasoning – because reasoning enforces facts whether in past, or in present, or in the future. Be careful about this category of people.

Again, there are another category of subconscious people who are well educated, and the fact that they are well educated and the only few in their community, they act in-customarily causing harm to the community. Their education had never benefited the community but taking advantage of learning to subdue every chance of political decisions, creates frictions and divisions – elites and the minor. Take care of this category too.

Another category of subconscious people are the wealthy. They are self-centered and personal objective, and are ok since they can make more wealth, they don’t care about others welfare, but their aims are to make money, they don’t consider whether their profitability are legal, or worth, or equitable, or considerable from any work they do, their business or assignment or duty of care. This category is the most dependent to by citizens due to services they provide, and to this fact, they monopolize their services making citizens without choice. Take care of this category.

As I did mention above, Consciousness is also an obligation of a system of government. Unlike subconscious governments in the world, a conscious government will determine its GNP and GDP making it as high as possible, a conscious budget that reflects demands of the citizens on rendering services – expending of revenue on social needs. A conscious government have plans of government savings and reserves in values worth of future spending.

A conscious government encourages her people on national decision-making, public participation in fair politics, maintenance of peace and order, provision of personal security and personal property security. Equal and equitable distribution of resources, equitable developmental projects allocations and above all rule of law. A conscious government must have strategics plans of 20 – 50 years to come on what they want to achieve as a country in terms of medicine, agriculture, industrialization or manufacturing and business – exports plans, what to export to the world that is missing or less provided. A conscious government develop capacity of her people in science and technologies, legal disciplines, research in economics and consumer’s behavior and banking fields, provision of strong learning curriculum and materials for primary, secondary and university. A conscious government provides well trained army and police officials that act in accordance with laws of the country, implementing their constitutional mandate of provision of keeping security and order, security and safety of people, and their properties, crime prevention and defense of the territories of the country.

Finally, the Subconscious mind thinks only in the Present and does not know anything about the past or future, is real fact, whether individually or in system of governments of the contemporary world. It is a serious matter and has affected so many lives of innocent people worldwide. It is therefore, to my conscious, subconsciousness, is a behavioral cancer which can be chemotherapies by will – acceptance of who you are and others, and value of others as yourself, knowingly that, the same feeling you have is also what the other feels. Simply Christ’s major commandment to his disciples was “Love your neighbor as yourself”. In reality, a reasonable person cannot hate him/herself, whatever comes worst, he/she always safeguards him/herself against any hurt.

Examining the causes of subconscious mind, the findings are personal interests above all interests, and this is categories by greed – a fear of not being enough for all of us, so, I better get enough for myself and leave others. Selfishness wants for oneself alone. Proud, wants to be on top of others, rather than be with them on the same level. King Solomon in book of Ecclesiastes, says he has seen all the work that are done under the sun, and behold all are vanity.

So, individually, or collectively, or institutions, or representatives – trustees or agents, it is of one choice not being moderate or neutral, all are made to choose of being conscious mind, and of course, there are its markings, records and rewards, or being subconscious mind, and also its marking and records and rewards awaits you. Make your choice.



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