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The Subconscious mind thinks only in the Present and does not know anything about the past or future.

By John Simon Yokwe Keri   A Chinese philosopher elaborated that, “if you are thinking of today’s life cultivate rice, and if you are thinking of ten years to come, plant trees, but if you are thinking of next generations, educate your children.” That philosopher was actually addressing questions of[Read More…]


A complex sentence has two parts: the independent part and the dependent part of it. The independent part stands alone and can make a meaning by itself; but its dependent part can’t stand alone, neither can it make a meaning by itself.  A student who is ambitious works hard. A[Read More…]

Invest in Women, Invest in South Sudan’s Future: A Banker’s Perspective

By Lorna Mwangi   As we commemorate International Women’s Month, it’s an opportune time to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary women of South Sudan, particularly those who are driving our economic progress as entrepreneurs. Globally, women entrepreneurs face formidable challenges, contributing only 37% of the global GDP despite comprising[Read More…]


Kigali/Halifax, 11 March 2024 – The Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace, and Security is deeply concerned about the deteriorating security situation in northern Nigeria and condemns in the strongest terms the kidnapping of 287 students from a government school in Kaduna state on Thursday. This is the third incident of[Read More…]

Backyard farming: A solution to Food-insecurity and Poverty in South Sudan

By Nicholas Lokuya Emmanuel Lemi   South Sudan is among the few countries in sub-Saharan Africa with huge potential in agriculture production owning to its absolute and comparative advantage over many countries within our region, in terms of soil infertility, availability of the fresh Nile waters, swamps and good climate[Read More…]

Unregulated Foreign Movement and Engagement: Threats to South Sudan’s National Security and Sovereignty

By Bek Dhuorjang Chol   The situation in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, is becoming increasingly complex due to the influx of foreign nationals engaging in various economic activities. This presence is not limited to commercial ventures but extends into government offices and residential areas, raising significant concerns regarding[Read More…]

The Myth of Equality: As a man, you should accompany your wife for antenatal services

  By Lisok James Moses Antenatal care or services can be defined as the care a woman or women gets from health professionals during their pregnancy period. Sometimes it’s called pregnancy care or maternity care. During the pregnancy period, the expectant mother will be offered appointments with a midwife or[Read More…]

Beauty or British?

Speculating over the origin of scarification among the Nilotic. In a herd of cattle, there is usually variation in the color of cows; some may look black, others white or brown, yet they are all cows in the farmer’s eyes. This is called distinction without difference. A similar manifestation can[Read More…]

Yirol woman commits suicide

By Yang Ater Yang   A 24-year-old woman committed suicide by hanging herself in Pankar Village, Yirol West County Lakes State. Lakes State Police spokesperson Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac the incident was confirmed by Ayor Awan Mabor, the executive chief of Yirol West County. The woman was found hanging on[Read More…]