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A complex sentence has two parts: the independent part and the dependent part of it. The independent part stands alone and can make a meaning by itself; but its dependent part can’t stand alone, neither can it make a meaning by itself. 

A student who is ambitious works hard. A STUDENT WORKS HARD is the independent part of the sentence but who is ambitious is dependent. Each part of the sentence plays a great role. They all need each other.

Human beings are born to connect. Without your two parents’ connection, you can’t live today. Without your siblings having connection with you, you would have been a very lonely human being. If there is no Gumbo bridge, you can’t cross to Sherikat. Without a car taking you to your destination, you can’t get connected with the other end. Undeniably, our world is just about connection. The big question is,” Are you connected?”

You cry you need a job. Are you connected? Who can employ someone he/she doesn’t know? How many of us can give water to strangers? Do you greet everyone you pass-by in the city? For me, I only greet the people I know. You should be known to get employed! In American or Europe, recommendation is valued more than your certificates. I got employed with Darling Wisdom Academy in 2020 just through connection. Someone who knew me recommended me and I got employed! I didn’t write any application. Who knows you to connect you with a job? You fear getting connected because you negatively think; those people will be asking money from you when you get a job. But don’t you also know getting connected requires a cost? You must take someone for tea at least to learn you. The main thing there is the time. We get to talk when we are taking our tea. A complex sentence can’t be a complex sentence without subordinating conjunctions or relative pronouns or adverbs. Who is your subordinating conjunction to connect you with your boss? Many students in my English class fail complex sentences because they don’t understand the two parts of the sentence and what connects the two clauses. Understand yourself, understand your employer and understand your subordinating conjunction (friends or anyone) and there, you have the job!

Everyone including myself, says, the government is corrupt; It is giving scholarship to some family members, only some individuals get to go and study overseas, there is no justice, that and that…. Are you sure my good friend? Can I tell you how I got to the college? Someone connected me to Solidarity Teachers Training College. I was fully sponsored up to my university. Through connection, I got sponsored!

Who do you know in the ministry of education? Who knows you in the ministry of education? Do you have any connection? Who knows you can make it if you are taken outside to represent the country? Do you consider your common sense my dear? You are not correct! What if you are like the girl I met in 2019? She got scholarship and went to US. You successfully finished her studies and returned to the country. I was shocked to meet that girl. The girl smokes and drinks like no human being on earth! She comes home with men daily! What value is she adding to the Nation? What if you are like some students taken to Morroco, Rwanda, China, Egypt and some other countries, but did not do very well in class and were returned back without certificates? Do you think those students would have been returned back if they had been recommended by someone? We only know the right person for scholarship when there is connection. I always recommend my students when they are applying for scholarships. You need connection for scholarship. Are you connected?

I am not married. I don’t even have a girlfriend. People think I don’t have an interest in women, or I am stingy to have a partner. But I want to be honest now! I just don’t have any connection! I don’t know any girl. I am too religious to have a girlfriend. And I still think that I should marry. Do you need to have the right partner? You must get connected. The girl or the boy you want to date must be known. If you want to marry him/her, you must introduce him/her to the family before you say,” I LOVE YOU.” Your friends or family will know whether that girl or boy will go well with you. Many of us are not connected and we think we should meet the right partners. You are not even relating well with that girl or boy, and you think he/she can love you? You, watch out!

We complain that we are neglected; that, our families don’t want us. Why do we complain? We can’t make a simple phone call. We can’t even pay a simple visit. We can’t send a small token to our family. We cannot have a dinner or meal together. We can’t have family meetings together. We can’t hear from them. We don’t give them advice. We only believe our education. We say that we are more educated than them. We think vainly that our education replaces our family. Why should we complain that they don’t love us? They are just trying to protect themselves. They see that we plan to look down on them. Despite our education and any other thing, we have, our family connection matters a lot!

You fail English exam if you don’t know what makes a sentence. A sentence must have words, phrases and clauses. There is no English sentence without a word, a phrase and a clause. A sentence makes a complete meaning if it has such a composition. Likewise, to us, humans, we fail in life if we are not connected to our fellow humans. Without a family, relatives, friends, Neighbours or employers, we cannot make a meaning to life.  REMEMBER! IF YOU FAIL TO CONNECT WITH YOURSELF, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY FAIL TO CONNECT WITH OTHER PEOPLE. UNDERSTAND YOURSELF AND UNDERSTANDING OTHERS WILL BE SIMPLE.

We must create network with people. Fear of being tempted through people must not prevent our connections with them. We just need to be wise and technical. We must first study the people we need to connect with. It is very important to understand why we need connections. Sometimes, we can run for connections which cannot help us at all. Also, don’t seek connections in rush. Give time to connect.



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