Government institutions have a responsibility to honour civil servants by providing them with their rightful salaries and avoiding corruption that plagues our country, South Sudan. When directors engage in salary deductions, it highlights the reality of corruption within our nation. Deductions from salaries, and elimination of benefits such as medical[Read More…]


A complex sentence has two parts: the independent part and the dependent part of it. The independent part stands alone and can make a meaning by itself; but its dependent part can’t stand alone, neither can it make a meaning by itself.  A student who is ambitious works hard. A[Read More…]

Just as the decree is read on state television (South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation) sacking top government officials from their positions, the decrees cannot indicate the reasons behind the removal of the officials from their seats. The same decree sometimes appoints successors immediately or it takes time. But also, the decree[Read More…]


Kigali/Halifax, 11 March 2024 – The Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace, and Security is deeply concerned about the deteriorating security situation in northern Nigeria and condemns in the strongest terms the kidnapping of 287 students from a government school in Kaduna state on Thursday. This is the third incident of[Read More…]

Backyard farming: A solution to Food-insecurity and Poverty in South Sudan

By Nicholas Lokuya Emmanuel Lemi   South Sudan is among the few countries in sub-Saharan Africa with huge potential in agriculture production owning to its absolute and comparative advantage over many countries within our region, in terms of soil infertility, availability of the fresh Nile waters, swamps and good climate[Read More…]

In our society, women must prioritize their own financial independence and personal growth. The alarming cases of violence and abuse linked to financial dependence on men are a stark reminder of the dangers faced by women who rely solely on others for their livelihood. It is high time for women[Read More…]

Beauty or British?

Speculating over the origin of scarification among the Nilotic. In a herd of cattle, there is usually variation in the color of cows; some may look black, others white or brown, yet they are all cows in the farmer’s eyes. This is called distinction without difference. A similar manifestation can[Read More…]