Tension in Kajo-keji is very high today because the authorities from South Sudan and Uganda did not speed up settling the border issues. In May Last year, foreign soldiers crossed the border and started killing SSPDF in the country.  What happened last year in Magwi County of the Eastern Equatoria[Read More…]

From last issue Returning to our topic is there a way out of our current economic afflictions? Before answering it, allow me to ask a few sample questions concerning some Departments: Will the Department of Health at the end of their tenure in 2024 say that they had delivered a[Read More…]

To start with, our currency SSP (South Sudanese Pound) has reached 1,000., (One Thousand SSP) to (one) 1 US$ Dollar from the Original 1US$ (Dollar) equal to 2 SSP and it is still climbing up more. The underlying reason for its continuous depreciation is because South Sudan is characterized by[Read More…]

The non-response situation in Alabek Payam (Northern Tonj-North)

Tong Akok Anei Mawien Over the years and in recent months, Warrap State has been affected by ethnic conflicts and inter-communal violence.  Roughly 80 percent of Warrap state is deeply affected by inter communal violence, ethnic conflicts and natural disasters, people are displaced, properties looted, living standards deteriorating. This deeply[Read More…]


If you want to poison a leader, say “step down” If you want a leader to die as early as today, mix ‘step down’ in a cupful of water and give it to him to drink, he will die gradually. Assuming you have been given that poison to the president.[Read More…]