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This time around citizens need peace since elections are approaching each day that passes, counting down its move.

The country should be protected from all kinds of atrocities and scaring citizens all the time with no impact does not make sense at all.

Let’s start with those who defect from the government to form up rebel groups. There is no reason as to why one has to join rebels. Who are you fighting in this country, is it the government or the civilians?

Forming rebellion without results is like the failed economy in the country, which has become too difficult for the ministry of finance to fix.

Expert economists only speculate about it from a distance without any improvement at all as they are placed in other sectors in the country.

As said, those forming rebellions to remain in the bush for the rest of their lives are promoting corruption. Power holders continue enjoying and looting everything while others senselessly suffer in the bushes.

The country is transcending into democratic rule where the best is to fight diplomatically without taking up arms to ascend to leadership

By joining rebel groups, one’s diplomacy is ruined, so be very careful and if there are people who influence you, drop that idea away, is better you lobby for position in the government and continue in the current system of no accountability.

Reflect on 2013-2016 crisis that forced the majority to be exiled, suffering in the neighbouring countries since then up to now, many citizens haven’t returned home. Many youths were deceived to fight and others were killed silently in counties like Yei, Kajo-Keji. Be very careful of taking up decision at hand, otherwise it’s a waste of time, the 2013-2016 conflicts brought real suffering where many people lost their lives and properties.

Some rich individuals by then, have become very deprived and got mad but see the rebel leaders of that time are now enjoying together with the government at the expense of citizens.

The insecurity in Yei and Lainya counties is like a talk show in the ears of the citizens and this is because the commissioners are not giving accurate information until it is worse. They are supposed to be held accountable for any civilian case.

They should not frustrate the remaining citizens who did not run to the refugee camps.

I’m urging the government to maintain total peace and protect civilians, and to the youth not to follow any one rebelling, because they are always used as a tool to fulfil some one’s interests.




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