South Sudan’s public universities, military, and police forces are facing serious challenges that threaten to cripple these institutions if not urgently addressed by the government. These centers of learning, discipline, and public service play a critical role in shaping society, yet they find themselves in dire straits. The public universities,[Read More…]

As schools prepare to reopen, the government must address the longstanding issue of delayed and inadequate payment of teachers’ salaries. The current situation has created a damaging reputation for the country, with teachers being the most affected group. If South Sudan is committed to securing a promising future for its[Read More…]

The current economic situation in South Sudan has reached a critical point, where the lives of the poor are at stake due to the alarming rise in commodity prices and crippling inflation. Distress and anxiety have become the daily reality for South Sudanese citizens, particularly the impoverished, who bear the[Read More…]

The economy is what the lives of people rely on, without a functioning economy people live in a degrading situation. The economy is confined to production, distribution and trade, including consumption of goods and services. According to economic literature, economy is also a collection or combination of factors like education,[Read More…]

The inflation rate has inflicted massive hardship on the citizens of our country. High inflation not only erodes the purchasing power of consumers but also breeds uncertainty, often leading to elevated interest rates and a devaluation of the national currency. Regrettably, South Sudan finds itself caught in this economic marsh.[Read More…]

Teachers in South Sudan endure significant hardships due to delayed and insufficient salary payments, which has detrimental effects on the country’s education system. Ensuring timely and adequate compensation for teachers is crucial for the future of education in South Sudan. Teachers must receive their salaries as stipulated by the law,[Read More…]

Christmas and Happy New Year are festivals that promote love, peace, and being together with loved ones, be as family members, family friends, lovers, neighbors, and being happy throughout the festival season in Christians all over the world. First of all, I would like to thank South Sudan government for[Read More…]

By Kiden Stela Mandela The government should create a camp for the returnees who came from Neighbouring Sudan to allow them to integrate so that they get needed support from the host community. About 105,000 returnees escaped the Sudan war that started on the 15th of April 2023 as a[Read More…]

By Agoku Christine Taban (Guest Writer) It’s a multifaceted responsibility of stakeholders to ensure free, safe and supportive environment for girl-child to pursue education to brighten her future, handle development activities and make decisions, in lifetime. Girls, who haven’t gotten the opportunity to attain traditional education, should be empowered to[Read More…]

By Agoku Christine Taban (Guest writer) Endorsement of the SPLM-IG party flag bearer and launching of SPLM-IO party membership registration in some states are indicators of an eminent democratic election process. This will definitely involve the participation of many legally registered political parties in the country. Leveling political potholes and[Read More…]

It is very difficult these days to distinguish between a true servant of God and the fake prophets who only want to enrich themselves. Prior to the arrival of missionaries in Africa, Africans believed in their ancestors as their gods. They were worshipping mountains, hills, big trees, and cows, and[Read More…]

By Agoku Christine Taban The negative impact of the commonly bad practices of revenge attacks in South Sudan that take place between communities in the long run pin down the country’s children from enjoying their full rights of movement as others have that dream to adventure or to study in[Read More…]