By Kiden Stela Mandela

The government should create a camp for the returnees who came from Neighbouring Sudan to allow them to integrate so that they get needed support from the host community.

About 105,000 returnees escaped the Sudan war that started on the 15th of April 2023 as a result of a power struggle between the government of Sudan and the Rapid Support Forces has caused massive loss of lives, properties and the fall of Sudan’s economy.

The refugees who are stationed in the northern Bahr el Ghazal state are in dire need of humanitarian assistance because they have been going for more than three months without receiving any assistance from the concerned agencies. Every state where these refugees landed, should have a camp so that is will be easier for the humanitarians to assist them because without a camp it will be very difficult to separate between the host community and a returnee.

The humanitarian actors working across Northern Bahr el Ghazal should verify properly before giving assistance otherwise you will be giving food to people who are not affected by the war, first extend your support to the war victims though the returnees are among the host communities.

The government should also notice that the issues to do the refugees are not only left to the humanitarians alone but both sides should comply in supporting them since they are South Sudanese who fled the country in 2013- 2016 due to the misunderstanding caused by our leaders.

They went as refugees to Sudan, settled and did not take time The Sudan’s war also broke out which made their return home, in this case, some of the returnees might have had their lands, and firms which is with the host communities need the help of the government.

It is good for refugees to call for support as much as possible which is their right from the UN agencies dealing with them, in the duration of the support as a refugee you should have in mind that, whatever is being given is not permanent but to push you until you will be able to provide for yourself. For example, have a business plan in your mind and also state cultivation to add on what the agencies are supplying, just like the refugees in Uganda have not been supported fully by the UN agencies but now they can still survive.

I appeal to the UN agencies working for Humanitarians in South Sudan to continue supporting the situation of the returnees who are in dire need of assistance in this dire economic situation in South Sudan.

The government should also provide security to the humanitarian workers who sacrifice their lives in serving all the internally displaced persons, provide land for agriculture to take place in the Camps points to avoid dependency on the agencies and Join hands together to settle the refugees not the responsibility of the UN to look after alone.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!

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