It is very difficult these days to distinguish between a true servant of God and the fake prophets who only want to enrich themselves.

Prior to the arrival of missionaries in Africa, Africans believed in their ancestors as their gods. They were worshipping mountains, hills, big trees, and cows, and they were comfortable worshipping. And there were a lot of things happening in Africa, and conflict was the order of the day.

The coming of the missionaries to Africa, especially to the then Sudan, where the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and American Presbyterian missionaries began their work in the then Sudanese capital Khartoum before crossing to South Sudan.

The missionaries were presenting themselves in God’s image, even to the extent of dying in the name of Christianity, preaching to all the communities in different languages so that everyone understands the word of God. There were a lot of motivational words, such as forgive one another” and “share with the needy, and many thought their agenda was not only Christianity, but the missionaries managed to unite and build strong faith in the hearts of South Sudanese.

By then, Christianity was so powerful and respected. Christians were God-fearing people, but in the early 1990s, some churches started coming up with different intentions where church leaders claimed to be Jesus to the faithful, and what they did was very different from the gospel teachings. Some even claim to have the power of healing and solving all the problems in their hearts. For example, consider the case in Kenya, where the faithful were forced to fast to death in order to see Jesus Christ. Many have lost their lives.

Today, church leaders are more political and corrupt, fight among themselves for power, and have allowed themselves to be bribed by some top government officials so that they don’t talk about any situation affecting the citizens. They only represent one percent of humanity.

Citizens are faced with high inflation, forcing some ordinary people to sleep hungry, and insecurity that does not allow farming to take place in some areas of the country. The church leaders who are supposed to talk about or even give solutions to the authorities are silent, enjoying what they have.

Everywhere in the world, churches these days have become sources of funding instead of preaching the word of God and fighting for the rights of the people.

I appeal to the bishops and pastors of all denominations to help raise their voices with the authorities about the high inflation. Ask the leaders, why do they keep quiet? Do not allow your faith to be bought. Fight for the suffering of innocent citizens, for that is your purpose in this world.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!


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