Sell V8s to build schools, hospitals, boost Agriculture

By Kiden Stela Mandela


Yesterday morning, on my way to the workplace, passing via government offices; I couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing a lot of V8s packed outside. As I continued, more others were around big hotels, especially Radisson Blue, Pyramid Hotel, and Crown Hotel.

If we can see things going wrong in the country and yet continue buying V8s, Hammers that consume one barrel of fuel just to start moving and V6s. Some even change after a week or days.

It is not easy to cultivate due to the lack of agricultural tools, insecurity in other parts of the country, and no good standard schools for our children, yet the V8s, Hammers, and V6s could easily afford all these for the country.

Reports trickle that over 4,000 unified forces in Unity have remained without food, and medicine for seven months after graduation, why not sell out these luxuries to feed our army?

It’s really sad for cohorts to persist until all resources get finished. The oil, gold and other natural resources will be exhausted, yet no good schools, Hospitals and roads are built because our elders have taken to luxury, and nothing is left behind for their tribute.

If we could sell only two V8s from each government institution since one V8s cost $85,655, primary schools, Secondary schools and hospitals would be built instead.

Our citizens would not waste money on studies and treatment abroad if these key institutions were established in the country.  Furnishing the salaries of the army to boost their morale and focusing on stabilizing security would give rise to agricultural blossom and economic boom.

Such patriotic endeavors of exchanging V8s for other priorities would retrieve our country from the list of underdeveloped nations to among developing countries in the World.

The absence of these items of luxury would also reduce conflicts as they spur envy and rebellion among individuals, with those less fortunate taking to arms. In turn, they trade their failed aspirations for better positions in government that can attract some luxury like others.

Investing in agricultural implements such as tractors would enable farmers to reduce the imminent hunger and avoid the country’s dependence on humanitarian aid which indirectly robs our dignity as a nation.

I can still remember when the president made a great move to buy 1000 tractors, and some were supplied to states to boost agriculture but ended up in the hands of individuals.

My call to those in high positions in the government is to try to develop this country, rather than seeking better things from other countries that are not your own. Getting satisfaction on services from other countries only prolongs the misery of our citizens and leaves your country underdeveloped.

Even if you invested in other countries, when “Big Brother” pronounces sanctions or freezes the accounts, you will be left more devastated.

Our leaders seem to be influenced by colleagues from other foreign countries to dance according to their tunes, owing to the lack of development in the country.

I appeal to the leaders to invest in a better standard of education by paying good salaries to the teachers and building roads and agriculture at home to clear the dust and economic crisis in the country.

God Bless Sudan.

Be Right there!


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