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The current economic situation in South Sudan has reached a critical point, where the lives of the poor are at stake due to the alarming rise in commodity prices and crippling inflation.

Distress and anxiety have become the daily reality for South Sudanese citizens, particularly the impoverished, who bear the brunt of these difficulties.

The sharp depreciation of the South Sudanese Pound (SSP) against the US dollar has triggered a financial catastrophe.

As of yesterday, the exchange rate has soared to between SSP 1400 and 1450 per dollar in the parallel market.

This dire situation makes it incredibly challenging for ordinary citizens to survive in the country. Making ends meet has become an impossible task for many, and citizens find themselves trapped in a cycle where their income falls short of covering their monthly expenses.

Consequently, hunger has become a pressing issue, exacerbated by delayed or nonexistent salaries. The crisis affects all sectors of society, including small local businesses that struggle to obtain the goods they need from the market.

If left unresolved, this situation could lead to the loss of lives. The economic climate today seems to favour only those working in organizations and holding top government positions.

South Sudan appears to have become a country without effective leadership, leaving citizens confused about the state of governance. It is disheartening to witness government officials mistreating their own people, pushing some citizens to resort to desperate measures like sipping salt and drinking water to survive another day.

This heartlessness from the government raises questions about the fate of the country and the well-being of its citizens.

The current situation serves as an implicit call for citizens to peacefully protest against the dire circumstances or even resort to looting food from shops—a desperate act that would be seen as an economic war.

It seems that top government officials have control over the black market through their connections and relatives.

I implore the governor of the central bank and the finance minister to urgently address the issue of inflation and implement measures to regulate it. This will enable poor citizens to afford at least one meal a day.

I appeal to the president to take immediate action and prioritize the well-being of the people. As the leader of the nation, it is your responsibility to ensure that the citizens are protected from the devastating consequences of this economic crisis.

God bless South Sudan

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