By Agoku Christine Taban

The negative impact of the commonly bad practices of revenge attacks in South Sudan that take place between communities in the long run pin down the country’s children from enjoying their full rights of movement as others have that dream to adventure or to study in any other neighboring country.

One mistake of attack and killing done by one community member or family member creates a psychological torture to one’s life, even if they are not physically attacked, hence bringing fear into one’s life.

This disappointed and heartbreaking particular scenario miserably puts the lives of innocent children in a very pessimistic situation. Recently, a South Sudanese man identified as William Bok was arrested by the authorities in Uganda’s Arua City over creating an illegal camp. He had collected over 45 children who are related to him from Tika refugee camp in the Rhino refugee settlement, according to the news report by No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

During interrogation by the security organs, the suspect, William Bok, said the children are all his relatives, and he moved them from the settlement for fear of being attacked in revenge by the relatives of another South Sudanese whom his uncle killed in South Sudan recently.

This is the heavy cost of killing and the fear of revenge attacks on these children. One of the children who struggled to speak English said that they have stayed for 4 days without food; they only get up and move around to get mangoes and that is what they would survive on for a day. Staying in very poor conditions in an unfinished house without windows, sleeping on dirty bedding and eating once a day, which means there is not enough food for them.

A mistake done by one of the family members, “uncle,” made William Bok to falsely convince the children that they would be going to Uganda for studies, but reality reveals that it was a technique of escaping and safeguarding the children from revenge attacks or killings.

It’s just because William Bok’s family members were put in the same Tika refugee settlement together with family members of the person that the uncle made a mistake and killed. The disturbing situation stopped him and the children from accessing services and even settling in the Tika refugee settlement.

Let South Sudanese analyze how killing and revenge attacks can act as traps in all corners for innocent family members, making their freedom to do something important for the development of this country in various locations difficult.

Because after killing in South Sudan, one may think the best place to safeguard himself with the family members can be Kenya, and reaching Kakuma, for example, where you will meet with relatives of the family you have killed in South Sudan, one will reach the conclusion that there is no safe place for people who are involved in killing others innocently. This should be a lesson for those who end people’s lives in any way and dream of revenge. Peaceful dialogue is the best problem-solving mechanism, which people need to put into practice.


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