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Gov’t should look at the border issues

By Kiden Stella Mandela


The government should put the issue of border conflicts into serious consideration. The issue is causing misunderstanding among the communities along the borders, it needed to be taken up seriously before it causes more harm to the citizens.

Let us take a look at what happened in Kajo-Keji at the border with Uganda last week, it has caused a lot of displacement. This border issue looks like (political) conflict, economic conflict between some politicians from both sides, and conflicts for personal interest.

The Uganda government should be very clear, if there is a hidden agenda that needs shooting of South Sudanese civilian that cannot be solved Amicably. Because this is not the first time, they (Ugandans) are attacking South Sudanese along the border. The attacks have been happening almost every year and it means there is something they are looking for in South Sudan. And all their attack always ends up in bloodshed. The other issues might be connected to politicians from the two countries who are trying to joke, which is not good.

The border issue is supposed to be handled at the National level since the County and the State gov’ts are reporting to the national government. It should take charge of the border conflicts with the neighboring countries Because if the dispute continues, it will be very difficult for the two countries to agree, then it will bring invasion just like what is happening in Ukraine.

The boundaries are very clear and how comes the UPDF keep attacking all the time and why they want to collect all the resources?

South Sudan Border becomes problems all the time due to un seriousness of the government of South Sudan with its resources that why there is question mark all the time.

I urged the Ugandan Government to learn how to solve issues amicably rather than just opening gunfire over border issues. It is a very bad act.  Uganda and South Sudan have good relationship and there is no need to spoil it in terms of business, political and economic development, so, we need to be peaceful in every aspect otherwise when it is spoiled, it will be very difficult to all of us.

The Uganda government should not think that it wants to develop using south Sudanese minerals even if the leaders are having hands in it, resources belong to the citizens not government alone.

I appeal to the government of South Sudan to take a serious note on the issue of border more especially South Sudan – Uganda, and South Sudan-Kenya before more bloodshed is seen.

God Bless South Sudan.

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