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Christmas and Happy New Year are festivals that promote love, peace, and being together with loved ones, be as family members, family friends, lovers, neighbors, and being happy throughout the festival season in Christians all over the world.

First of all, I would like to thank South Sudan government for improving security during the festive season.

The collection of guns from the civil population towards Christmas and the New Year, was a good move.  Citizens were able to celebrate until morning without fear or favor. Also, the soldiers were on duty till morning hours.

Citizens enjoyed serenity during the festive season up to today, without cases of gunshots, in the country.

Government’s strategy of bringing peace to people in a nonviolent way and if disarmament continues in the other counties or states, will be important to the country, though cases of killings are still going on, in some states.

However, the search for guns during the festival season becomes worse for the people in Gondokoro where the exercise turned out to be harassment to the residents by military officers. There were reported cases of atrocities committed, such as stealing of 50 heads of goats, two motorcycles, and more than two million SSP in cash. About 4 chiefs were also arrested on 31st December in Mononyik Boma.

This is clear evidence of theft by the men in uniform which turns the image of the government in the country.

In other words, people may suspect the unknown gunmen to be known for this kind of behavior which was shown in Mononyik Boma that has caused inconvenience (insecurity) in the Boma.

People started protesting instead of celebrating the New Year while those sent on duty deviated and only got away with people’s properties without fearing the army uniform, they were in.  It was better if they requested, rather than forcefully grabbing.

It is good if the commander in charge of the security battalion is asked by the minister of interior, and minister of defense to look into this issue that happened since it is a joined operation.

For the remaining states, counties and Boma, that await disarmament, the government should be ready to send professionally well-behaved soldiers. The soldiers should learn how to ask politely and should be given by the community. The collection of guns should continue so that people remain in peace and all the killings come to an end.

I appeal to the government to continue providing lasting security and disarming the whole country for peace purposes.

I’m also welcoming everyone back from the holidays.

God bless South Sudan

Be right there!!

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