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In our society, women must prioritize their own financial independence and personal growth.

The alarming cases of violence and abuse linked to financial dependence on men are a stark reminder of the dangers faced by women who rely solely on others for their livelihood. It is high time for women to break free from this cycle and take charge of their lives.

Instances of violence against women in Juba, such as the tragic incident where a man killed his partner over a dispute involving $900 in the Suk site residential area, highlight the urgent need for women to protect themselves.

Another distressing incident occurred over the weekend, where a young girl was undressed and left vulnerable, surrounded by boda-boda drivers and the two men she was associating with.

To avoid falling victim to such abuses, women must prioritize their own well-being and independence.

In today’s Juba, it is disheartening to witness young girls and women who do not engage in productive activities dressing more lavishly than those who contribute positively to society.

Respect for oneself and proper conduct, especially when interacting with elders, is essential. It is crucial to avoid involvement with married men who cannot fully invest their attention and commitment due to existing marital obligations.

Women must recognize their worth and strive for a purposeful and fulfilling life.

By relying on men for material possessions and handouts, some women inadvertently create chaos and separation within well-planned families. This behaviour equates them to public sockets, seeking benefits from every available source without regard for the consequences.

It is essential to reflect on the sacrifices made by our parents during childbirth and their relentless efforts to provide for our needs.

Women must exhibit seriousness and resilience to become changemakers who inspire others. The responsibility for change lies not only with women but also with men.

It is disheartening to see men, particularly those in the working classes, exploiting vulnerable women while leading relatively simple lives themselves.

Even when aware of their marital status, some women still fall into the trap of relationships driven solely by material gain.

This misplaced focus on financial support often leads to tragic outcomes, with no proper follow-up or justice served.

Today’s world demands a sharing of responsibilities, unlike the traditional roles where women solely cared for children while men were the primary providers.

We must embrace this shift to create a more equitable and just society. We appeal to all underage girls to distance themselves from reliance on men’s money and instead focus on finding employment that can uplift their lives and help them realize their potential.

Additionally, the government must take proactive measures in addressing cases of violence against women, ensuring that justice is served and perpetrators are held accountable.

Together, let us work towards a society where women are empowered, independent, and safe from harm. Only through collective efforts can we achieve a brighter future for all.

God Bless South Sudan

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