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The youth ride on bewilderment

By Theem Isaac Machar


When a hunter wounds a hyena, just slightly on the leg, it keeps on eating the flesh on the edge of the wound, claiming that it is rounding it.  It is something dangerous to its health because the result is obviously the elimination of its life.

This does not happen for any relieving reason; the motive is a compelling need for food — it thinks that its flesh is a satiety for hunger.  Such greedy behaviour causes its life and a disreputable self.  It is very unfortunate that we, the youth of this country, have been endowed with the hyena’s behaviour.  The setbacks of this nation are a youth-sponsored initiative.

Based on my sophistication, the youth hold a bigger share of the blame.  Our afterthoughts enhance the occurrence, urgency, and implementation of turmoil and violence.

I wish, we could pick a short while of our time to sit down and talk about our introspections.  Ask ourselves about the lost significance we hold: the youth are the foundation and the pillar on which a building stands and upon which the support of a house is provided.  We need to sit down and ask ourselves if this instinct has been stolen. And we should be ready for a search.

In my language, there exists a proverb that says, “A young man is good at hard work and bad at eating”. Why do they say this? The proportionality of energy exerted at work is much too enormous, and turning it into another thing causes destruction, especially violence. The result is a devastation. However, our negative and violent actions count on us and contribute to the downfalls of the nation.

We were the first to fail to fulfil the undeserved political interests of the rival leaders. The country tottered back into gripe soon after independence as a result of the youth following an impulsive act of the political elites.

As the youth, we hold the power capable of massive destruction. Who is a youth? Youth is an able-bodied young man whose life is between childhood and adulthood. This stage of human life constitutes both the physical and mental strength of a person.  However, we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by the so-called “big men” and so our actions and dreams are more than passive.

Youth have abandoned the stand on their ground and annexed to the big men because we need financial fulfilment.  We have agreed to kill our mothers, our fathers, our sisters, our brothers and every one of us as per their directives. We have lost youth representation at all levels due to our inactive voices. Colonization is over the big men’s sphere, but we remain enslaved and controlled.

We have agreed to kill our mothers, our fathers, our sisters, our brothers, and every one of us as per their directives.  All these happened because of the little bread gained after having implemented their political interests.  Therefore, we stand out to be uninformed of the uninformed since we have parted ways with analysis.

Finally, it is time we understand the adverse effects posed by oblivion. The time has come to cease praising people but gather that energy to flatter God.

Have a blessed day!

The author is a third-year student at the University of Juba School of Education Department of English Language and Literature.



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