POEM, Social Challenge


They say I kill.

Who do I kill?

Do I have eyes to see them?

Do I have legs to run after them?

Do I have hands to hold myself?

Do I have money to buy my bullets?

Are they in their right minds to hate me?


They hate me for nothing!

Do I have heart to hate people?

I heard humans hate each other

And they kill!

I heard their hearts are full of wickedness,

They can’t forgive each other,

They can’t accept each other,

And they just say it is me killing them?

Do they mean to hate me?


They hate me for nothing!

Do I have mind to think?

Can I differentiate the wrong from the right?

How can I reason when I don’t have mind?

Because their minds are full evil deeds,

They end up hating each other,

They come to misunderstanding,

And the only way they see to solve their issues,

Is murdering and fighting each other!

After finishing each other, their elders say,

It is the gun killing them.

I am not responsible for their death!

They hate me for nothing!

Do I eat food?

My good friend told me that they kill each other

Because of food.

Some of them want to eat alone.

They think God didn’t create everyone to eat,

But only some people to eat.

Because others don’t want to remain hungry,

They come and pick me to fight each other,

And they stupidly say it is me killing them.

I am not responsible for hate.


They hate me for nothing!

Do I have account to channel looted money to?

I heard they all kill each other because of money!

Some are so greedy. They think the money of the country

Belongs to them. They fill their pockets and accounts with the money of everyone.

They take all the money of the nation to build mansions in the foreign countries?

What good is there in making foreigners rich than your people?

After taking the Nation’s money to Foreign countries,

The rest who hunger for money, take me and kill their brothers.

I wished I was born a human being! How can I kill my fellow human because of money?

But senseless human beings do that. Thank God I am not.


Why should they hate me?

Do I fight for leadership?

Though, I am in types (RPG, AK47,etc), none of my types is greedy for leadership!

I heard they erase each other because of leadership.

That one wants to rule for life. The other one wants to replace. Some of them say they are born to rule.

Humans love leadership like Ugandans with Matoke. They wrestle for leadership

And war explodes. They kill each other mercilessly and they stupidly say it is me.

I don’t deserve their hates to be honest.

Why should they hate me?

Do I make myself?

Aren’t they the ones making me?

They have big factories for me.

After making me?

Can they say it is me killing them?

The creator must prove them wrong.

The maker should carry the blame!


By Nyak Lam




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