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38 Years of 2 Civil Wars for Independence

By Francis Yousif Christopher

Dedicated to souls of martyrs

Big and small drams of freedom fighters,

Declared the beginning of the civil war,

Confirmed the continuation of the war,

Shouting for justice, equality and the rule of law,

Started in towns in eastern sides of the Nile,

Declared in Torit the town of warriors,

Repeated in Bor, the town of 105 battalion,

Signaled in bushes, forests and savannas,

Supported and blessed by the greater Nile,

Encouraged by rivers and streams of ancestors,

Expressed on high mountains and hills,

Rebelled for consecutive seventeen years,

Generated & prepared South Sudanese for a better future,

Ended by vegetables and fruits of Addis Ababa Agreement,

Educated and prepared South Sudanese for another war,

Great expectations of civil war exploded and expanded,

The modern rebellion was blessed by smart brains,

Modern brains of politicians reacted like strong volcanos,

The well-trained SPLA reacted like resilient earthquakes,

The 24/7 thunders of SPLM/SPLA heard everywhere,

Journey of revolution continued for another twenty-one years,

The SPLM/SPLA civil war was really productive,

Its drams were heard locally and globally,

Broadcasting from the high hills of Ethiopia,

Ended by Comprehensive Peace Agreement,

Completed by cannons of the most historic referendum,

Finished by the independence of Republic of South Sudan,

The entire 38 years of revolution liberated the nation,

Introduced Republic of South Sudan to World Community,

Created ten states and three Administrative Areas,

Created South Sudanese Pounds as a new currency,

Sketched the map and contoured geography of South Sudan,

Documented the old and modern history of South Sudan,

Painted and recorded by beloved blood of martyrs,

Decorated by great fighters of Anyanya one and SPLM/SPLA,

Noted down in African and modern history of the world,

The flag of South Sudan is waving in many capital cities,

The flag of South Sudan is waving in the United Nations headquarters,

The new nation is liberated and independent,

The new nation is for people of South Sudan.


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