Watch Chimamanda Adichie

By Nyak Lam


Watch Chimamanda Adichie

You say we are useless

We are useless because

We were born girls

That our mother made the grievous

Mistake in the world

That giving birth to a baby girl

Is a crime


Watch Chimamanda Adichie

The best African female Writer

The best novel winning award

Not just in Africa

But in the entire world

She was awarded with 16 doctorate honouring awards

From the best universities in the world,

Harvard awarded her. John Hopkins awarded her.

Yale University awarded her. American University

Awarded her

Many and many other universities in Africa

And the rest of the world awarded her.

Watch her if you think a woman is useless.


Watch Chimamanda Adichie

She is the best African female writer

Her books are read in schools

Half of the Yellow Sun,

Has won her fame

All over

And has been integrated in the curriculum

And used as a syllabus book

In most parts of the world,

Watch her if you think a girl is useless.


Watch Chimamanda Adichie!

She is the best female speaker

She has delivered the best speeches

Ever in the global world.

Despite being a Black woman,

She was invited to deliver speeches

In UK, USA, Germany, Common Wealth Conferences,

UN Summits,

And countless Universities graduations

In and outside Africa.


Watch Chimamanda Adichie!

She is a woman,

She is like us,

She can’t cook, because she is a woman

She can’t wash, because she is a woman,

She can’t fetch because she is a woman,

Whatever she does whether cooking, watching,

Cleaning or other home chores,

She does because she wants to.

Not because she is a woman.


Watch Chimamanda Adichie!

She got married,

Not as a slave,

Not as a machine for man,

Not to be beaten by man,

Not to be used as a sex object by man,

But to fulfil Creator’s command

Her husband respects her

She is treated like a king

Though rather a queen by her husband,

But she is a woman like us.

Watch her and change your mind.


Watch Chimamanda Adichie!

The chief of Ibo Land!

The first woman to be made a chief

In the history of Africa!

She has broken the culture!

The culture that oppresses women!

African men torture women

And they call it a culture.

They enslaved women

And they shamelessly call it a culture.

Thanks to Adichie.

No culture now.

Men and women are the same.

They must share the same privileges.


Watch Chimamanda Adichie!

She is now a chief!

Watch her!

You think a woman can’t rule a man,

Watch her.

You think a woman doesn’t have brain,

Watch her.

You think a woman doesn’t have heart,

Watch her.

You think a woman can’t command a man,

Watch her.

You think a woman is inferior to man,

Watch her.

You think a woman isn’t a full human being,

Watch her.


Father, Watch Chimamanda!

You chased us away with our mother,

You cursed God because of us,

We are now living as orphans,

Only our mother and uncles

Struggle for our education,

You said you can’t waste your money.

Paying us in school

That our education makes you

Feel paralyzed.

You are wrong.

Just watch her.

Go to Google

Watch her.

Go to YouTube

Watch her

Go to other media programs.

Watch her


Watch Chimamanda!

Listen, Father!

You are wrong!

You must repent!

Your culture is wrong!

My two sisters are

In the university now

I am in my fourth year

Of my secondary education now

We will all finish

And prove your culture wrong.

You will come

And kneel before us

Just watch Adichie.


Watch Chimamanda, Father!

You must listen to her

I know it won’t be easy

For you to listen

Since you haven’t gone

To school

And speak even a single word in English.

Your father taught you to depend only on your sisters

You thought your sisters are your income

And you didn’t care going to school.

But since this is serious

See your friend

To translate for you.

We are ready to forgive you

If you are Willy to change

Your culture and understand

That it is not a curse to have daughters

It is a blessing instead

We have learned about God

And have understood that

We must forgive though hard.

Change your mind and come to us.

You are our father

And we always pray for you

Our mother said that she is ready

To forgive you.

Watch Chimamanda and we will forgive.



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