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Yirol woman commits suicide

By Yang Ater Yang


A 24-year-old woman committed suicide by hanging herself in Pankar Village, Yirol West County Lakes State.

Lakes State Police spokesperson Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac the incident was confirmed by Ayor Awan Mabor, the executive chief of Yirol West County.

The woman was found hanging on a tree in Pankar village at around midday on Thursday.

” This lady according to the report, she left her house a day before yesterday and she disappeared. All the family members went for such until yesterday at noon midday and they managed to find her hanging on a tree,” he said.

“Her body was recovered and taken home for a burial and the police are still investigating to find out the root cause that led her to commit suicide. This is one of the incidents that occurred in Yirol West county,” he said.

He stated that suicides have become prevalent in Lakes State, and he has been discussing the issue with locals to encourage them to share their problems with others.

“You will think that is the end of the world but that’s the end of the world. You should share your problem with neighbors, brothers and with your friends. Maybe you can find a solution. So, I am still appealing to our people that anybody who has a problem wherever you are, please try to share your problem with other people. Maybe you will get a solution,” he said.

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