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Who is supposed to Make the 2023 elections credible?

By Kiden Stela Mandela

It is true that implementing the security arrangement remains an important tool towards free and fair election. The security of the candidates, election process and the security of candidates including provision for prevention of rigging are very important as the government said.

It’s much agreeable that the credibility of the commission itself and what the commission needs and how much it cost and stable security, if possible, census to take place.

But still the government is supposed to make it possible without politicizing many things to discourage the entire country forgetting of the election. Then the question is, when will the election be credible? Since the principals to the parties agreed to unify the Army command within Seven Days which is a good thing leading to graduation of forces giving hope for the 2023 election to take place.

Politicians should not complicate these coming 2023 Election by putting a lot of excuses on security, electoral commission.

According to them, who is to implement these requirements? Government with the opposition parties, the government is supposed to know what comes after the other so they shouldn’t claim of time and because these politicians are very corrupt eating behind innocent civilians, they won’t allow any thing to happen that is why always there are blames on everything that needed to take place. Now like the election some of the politicians with their negative aspect, most of them fear to be voted out during the election.

I urge the Government and different political parties to respond positively to 2023 election through discussing the possible ways to the election. For example, the first thing is to stabilize security in all the states, counties and payams where the voting points are going to be established and you should not always protect your positions first before serving the interest of civilians in the country. So you need to go through election.

As we count down (10) ten months left for the election to take place, what do we do as government, different political parties and citizens of this country for this election to be successful? One thing is that we should all be united God-fearing people avoid negative advice from other countries, understand among your selves leave out the most disease that is tribalism.  As the time is running out I still advice our leaders to stand firm for the coming 2023 election and to show your love for the nation and trust, I urge the leadership not to push it further if they are serious.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!

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