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Police detain three protesting students

Part of Dr. John Garang Memorial University/Photo by Chol Makol Riak

By Chol Makol Riak

At least three protesting students from Dr. John Garang Memorial University have been detained by the police on Tuesday.

Early this month, the university’s administration ordered some of the students to repeat the same classes, an order which led to protest where the students closed the administration offices at the university.

Dr. Natijo Odongi, the academic registrar at Dr. John Garang Memorial University said the three arrested students were violent.

“Only three students who were fighting with the security to take away the keys are the ones who got arrested, they insisted to fight the security guard,” Dr. Odongi said.

He added that the students had worsened for themselves as they made it to be violent adding it may worsen their request to be pardoned. 

“This case is a simple case but our students did not understand the issue of carryover should not lead to violence, but they took to ferocity” he added.

He said university’s administration had sent a committee to find what to be done about those three students.

“The university has sent people to go there to see what is the way forward, what to do to those three students, maybe by later evening we will hear what the administration will say about them,” Dr. Odongi said.

Meanwhile, a third-year student in the College of Agriculture who spoke on the condition of an obscurity said “the administration that is preventing us from going to the other classes with carryover is the same administration that allows us to go to next classes with carryover”.

He called on the university to pardon them and allow them to go to the next class with carryover.

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