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A cleaner becomes an administrator

Poni Clementina, 34 landed into a new job opportunity at Save the Children as an Admin and Travel assistant after many years of working as a cleaner at the organization/Courtesy photo

By Ephraim Modi

This story was first posted on the Save the Children website and later on followed by a conversation on phone call by one of our reporters and she said she never believed that she would land herself into such a great opportunity as a person who never believed in her hardwork and her dedication into the work.

“I thank God for the new opportunity I got from Save the Children to work as an Admin and Travel assistant, I worked as a cleaner and never believed how dedicated I was. I did not even think of having a bigger position than just being a cleaner; all I was doing was delivering to my best to ensure that I get something to feed my family. So due to what they term as a hardwork from me in my previous role, I was able to get myself into this great technical position and today I am the Adminstration & Travel Assistant at Save the Children,” said Poni.

As an orphan at Confident Children out of Conflict, Poni got a chance through the orphanage to work for Save the Children as Cleaner in 2007.

“I was an orphan in Confident Children out of conflict (CCC) sponsored by JICA then CCC took me to work with Save the children, so from there some good staff advised me that I should not be here as a cleaner until I leave, then I said what can I do, they said you go to school. And from there I went and obtained a Certificate of Public Administration at the Cambridge University.” she added.

Opportunities as such really would make a great impact into lives of many, especially for a single mother like her who look into everything about family. She narrated her being left by her husband at her crucial stage.

“My husband left me in 2013 with a baby boy of three months for reasons best known to him. Upto now, I don’t know why he had left me and my children, I even don’t know where he is right now and I am now living with my two children without my husband,” Poni narrated.

Always getting into a better position while leaving your colleagues struggling up at the same role would create a bitter feeling. She also narrated to our reporter about how her friends at the department of the cleaners would look at her chilling in her new office.

“At first when they heard that I am no longer going to work as a cleaner, others were not really happy about it; some good friends of mine told me how they felt about my new role but that is how life is. Some were very happy of me being in my new office,” Poni narrated.

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