While we go into a holiday, may we rest the best way

International Labour Day, the day that comes only once a year to celebrate the great efforts of every worker in the whole world. With some environments of work comes a less tense day where the ties and collars are loosened, the lesus (kitenge tied by women around their waist) are removed, and generally people are in a relaxed mood.

While in another one, the work and tension is just the same as another day. The medical personnel, media team, restaurants, food market operators, water deliverers, the Church … and an endless list of essential day to day needs and services remains the same.

To everyone who is working well and serving the community greatly, may a wave of gratitude fill your houses and do not lose purpose but then to the ones whose expensive boots are always hungry for a lick by those who call the master but are actually not helping the country, but instead milking it for their selfish stomachs, remember that there is a time for everything.

In 1889, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers’ Day by the socialists and communists of the Second International, as well as anarchists, to celebrate workers.

Since our country is going into a holiday, may we rest the best way we can and energize for the next work that we have to do right after the resting has come to an end.

For all the creators, use this rest to design and come up with newer and better ideas, including how to better our communities and our country.

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