Governor Manytuil endorses Salva Kiir for president

By Yien Gattuor mead

The SPLM Unity State Interim Chairperson Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang on Saturday endorsed Salva Kiir Mayardit as “Flag Bearer” of SPLM in the upcoming general elections. Dr. Manytuil made the endorsement during a political rally that coincided with the reception of the SPLM Delegation, by thousands of people chanting with loud voices “SPLM Oyee”.

The political rally was organized by the SPLM Unity State Secretariat alongside the SPLM Interim Secretary General Peter Lam Both and Cde. Daniel Awet Akot, a member of SPLM Political Bureau and the accompany delegation.

Addressing thousands of people gathered at the premises of the SPLM Unity State Secretariat, the SPLM Interim Secretary General expressed their gratitude to Cde Joseph Manytuil Wejang and the people of Unity State for their extraordinary reception and warm welcome.

“SPLM must get prepared for an election and reorganization of its structures from all levels and the launching of membership registration across the Country,” Cde Lam said.

Cde Manytuil reiterated the commitment of SPLM in Unity State to embark on mobilizing new members to join SPLM and to enhance party membership.  “Despite the conflict that has engulfed and impeded the party activities across the State, SPLM is emerging stronger than ever before in Unity State, dwelling on providing basic services to the people of Unity State,” Cde Manytuil stressed.

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