Advance team for general court Martials arrives Yei

Michael Machar, SSPDF’s Civil Military Relations Officer/Courtesy Photo

By James Innocent Ali

The SSPDF’s Civil Military Relations Officer Michael Machar confirmed to the public that the advanced military team for the general court martial arrived yesterday in Yei River County of central Equatoria State, from Juba.

Michael points out that the team is now available in Yei as the brigade commander of Yei River County for the Special Forces Operation informed him.

“We have got to announce to the public that advanced team from the general court martial has arrived to Yei and they are now around as I was informed by the brigade commander of SSPDF who is in charge of commanding operation team for Yei operation Brig John Lual” he points. 

He mentioned  that all civilians and soldiers having cases are to report to the army military garrison on Friday to follow up the their cases as the advanced team is going to be in Yei for four days to compile all cases for the general military judges to come after four days for the judgment,

“Each everybody whether civilians or army who has a case with a soldier under detention the military whether civilians they have to report them by Friday in Yei Military garrison for the follow up of their cases, this advanced team is going to be here in Yei for four days to arrange the cases to pave way for the upcoming Yei Military general court martial judge that will come up after four days,” he said

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