Even when guests remind us of our duties, but we remain arrogant

Opening of the Freedom Bridge, a long-awaited day by many people in the country came with a lot of great joys, great promises, great guests including former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga who among many things urged the South Sudanese people to shun conflict and solve their differences amicably and most importantly, he gave advise in where the soldiers should be and realigned the police and civilians their roles.

It is a great thing, definitely for the country to keep peaceful especially in this time that we are nearing to the greatly anticipated elections next year but the irony remains that other people will tell us to keep peace that we ourselves have failed to keep despite the fact that we know how important it is for us, and our development.

The fact that the bridges and roads are being worked on and launched before the forces are graduated and before we generally and sincerely see a green light for the first national elections since the country gained independence is rather questionable if the government knows what is priority. We have counts and a number of times that, graduation of these forces have been postpone, the reports of the inadequate money to fulfill this have countlessly been reported in the media.

Other countless, issues that have not been accounted for include the deaths, destructions of property, displacements of people especially by war and conflicts within the country. “It should be protected by the civilians and the police. The military belong to the Barracks, they should defend South Sudan against foreign aggression not those internal problems here.” Odinga said.

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