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Abyei issues should be addressed before it becomes dust 

By Kiden Stela Mandela

On May 23, 2022, a huge number of Abyei citizens poured on the streets protesting with a demand for withdrawal of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces, (SSPDF) and Sudan Armed Forces from what they called Abyei box. It was serious demand because they have not seen any help from SSPDF side since such kind of attacks are affecting them. They were protesting while demanding the relocation of SSPDF based in Majak Kol and Rumkor outside especially the Administrative Area also demanded that the Sudanese Armed Forces in the Northern part of Abyei must leave to give safer environment to the Citizen. But the question is, why would the citizens come out yet there are government soldiers who are supposed to protect the Abyei box? And even solve the issues of the Sudanese Army. These attacks have already taken almost four months (4), every day Abyei citizens keep losing, properties and so many humiliations such as rape and other problems.

Really if there are no interests in fueling such crisis then why would the Misseriya still continue attacking the area? This Misseriya should not think that South Sudan do not have strong army to fight back. It was a serious alert that peaceful protest because Abyei citizens have been facing attacks from both sides and the truth is that civilians need peace but not war the meaning of that process is to show their position as they are the ones suffering in the hands of the army and fighting for their rights.

“I’m still wondering on the decision taken by the High Level Fact Finding Committee on Aneet Incident, to summon three (3) officials from Abyei and (1) from Twic, this raises questions, on how the committee resolved to confine those officials? And even Which criteria was used to identify the instigators of the youth from both sides? The question is if the committee is powerful to confine the Constitutional Post Holders, then what prevented them to summon and investigate those assigned the commissioner of Twic to write a letter to the Chief Administrator of Abyei Special Administrative Area” said one of the accused politicians. It seems all this time the committee did nothing yet are paid huge amount of money to do that work. It seems the committee is happy in delaying the whole process since they may have an agenda behind.   

Just like the report released by the committee on the intercommunal Investigation has accused politicians of conflict incitement through publications, and also accused other top politicians who includes former governor of Warrap state who’s currently MP at the National Assembly, South Sudan minister of East Africa Affairs representing Abyei in the National Parliament and South Sudan National Assembly on behalf of Twic county of supporting the conflict including the county commissioner. These politicians are the ones instigating the continued violence in such areas putting their interest first before minding about the lives of the youths they are using. 

I appeal to the government of South Sudan to improve on the security issues in the mentioned area before Abyei will be left without youths since they are used by politicians because this shedding of blood every day is dangerous.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!

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