Is peace surely the absence of war?

As crimes are being reported to be trimming in Juba City, the states are still left to inhale the pungent smells of deaths, conflicts, bribery, corruption, exploitation of resources; the whole package of a really struggling state now seems to be chocking the states by the throat.

The people who are still looking forward to having elections next year are having their hopes a little weighed down with political parties being reported to be disagreeing over elections, this is a very grave issue which seems to be trampled down. Shall there be a peaceful, democratic and stable country soon?  

If people are killed in the name of paying back for one life of another which is lost even after the cause of death is still not yet known but relying on speculations, it is really sad.

There is need for a more grave and hopefully permanent or at least long-lasting solution; a law to be decided upon and passed especially in favour of the citizens because the law makers are mandated to do that.

A general minded person, who wishes this country to be peaceful and whose vision of this country thereby is the youngest yet most developed country on the continent for status; would be somewhat grateful to the fact that arms embargo for South Sudan has been extended for another one year otherwise, how?

Yet again, mere condemnations do not solve much. The lives destroyed by the gun in this country since inception of the word war – payback is countless. If dead men told tales, we would have had the most storytelling awards the world has ever known; and yet here we are mad at a necessary mandate made by an outsider; criticizing it and yet we cannot leave to our own responsibilities!

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