Expertise should be top criteria when selecting investors and constructors  

It is worth applauding to see that constructions, developments of different infrastructures are commencing in the country. For the ones which have been successfully completed, well done and the citizens are looking forward to more buildings erected, poor roads being brought back to life and once neglected buildings either done away with or finally completed. It is good that more hotels being officially opened.

With the forecast of these rains being heavy and with the guarantee that the already damaged roads will be worsened, the ministry responsible for roads and bridges should balance it to solving the poor roads issue and not stopping on bridges alone.

Basic needs – water is life they say; the Juba water distribution network, provision of public water collection outlets should be next in line after the Freedom Bridge and other bridges in town have been worked on. It should not be repeated how Juba the capital does not have access to clean water since because it’s devastating.

Partners with the same vision as the country should be given a suitable environment to operate if they are the experts in those particular fields. For this case, construction companies that “I hope for that day when we can engage in many projects throughout South Sudan, I think that peace, stability is essential”.

It has been noted that infrastructural investments help to recuperate our economy which has been devastated by years of conflict. Therefore, if an experienced neighbour comes into the community and notices that there is need to correct something or build something, they should be allowed to operate for the development and benefit of the whole community after all.

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