Borrowing has sadly become chronic and acceptable for us

Give us more time to pay loans – is a term that should not be used by the government to keep on drowning the country in debts. If a new economics researcher was told that South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world despite the many natural and artificial resources that it has, they would be utterly shocked because a normal economy otherwise would not operate in that way.

In comparison with Saudi Arabia which are reaping crazily big from its oil and yet we have more minerals other than oil, our economy’s frustrating way of operation would have not have been a very big worry pot only if it were not harshly punishing the citizens in return.

The mandate of the RTGoNU is to implement the Peace Agreement and restore permanent and sustainable peace, security and stability in the country; which can be broken down to providing sustainable solutions rather than shattering their lives and dreams which have already been devastated by many issues which are repeatedly aired out to them in hopes that they will be solved.

The country’s debt burden is already too heavy for it to manage but even with this reality, she is borrowing and requesting for extended credit facility. The debtor becomes a slave to the lender, that’s a fact that has been seen manifesting in the country.   To transition from humanitarian support to development, the government should prioritize sustainable development solutions like home-based manufacturing factories that can produce food and non-food for the people and then produce export items for the external market. It will be of great benefit to both the local population and will greatly widen our export base, bring in foreign currency in a normal way and in turn regulate the nonstandard flow and operation of the US Dollar against our once high value SSP.  

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