Radio Jonglei CEO dragged to court over forgery

By Adia Jildo

Three radio presenters have filed a court case against the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Radio Jonglei Tijwog Agwet dragging him to court for allegedly forging signatures of employees, exploiting and serving them with procedural suspensions.

Agol Samuel Panchol one of the staff of Radio Jonglei said their patience towards the poor working condition under pressure, without pay has faded as mass exploitation has become the new normal.

“He has been exploiting us. Signing contracts, salaries on our behalf and forging our signatures. We have been working as volunteers for three years, no contracts given. He has allowed as to work and did not give us money,” he explained.

Agol said document of the salaries were discovered later last months in Tjwok’s emails and computer consisting of irrelevant pays that they had not received.

He said attempts to know the reality led to their procedural suspension and blockage at their place of work which forced them to take legal procedures.

Agol said they raised complaints to address the issue but their efforts were in vain and attempts to address the challenges to the higher authority fell on deaf ears.

““They stopped us from work after they had exploited us, cheated and sent us out,” he complained. We were threatened, blocked from entering the radio station when we need a procedural reason why we were suspended” he lamented.

The presenter said military personnel were made to block them from entering the radio premises when they had come to question the CEO.

Ayuen Gai the public attorney whom the case had been raised to said the opened case on the management of Radio Jonglei was against the management for forgery.

“They were receiving salaries when they were supposed to sign but the signatures were forged every time. It was the management signing every time and giving them less money not according to the documents,” he said.

He said the basis of the complaint were filed in section 342 Panel Code Act 2008, cheating by impersonations and section 359 Penal Code Act 2008, forgery for purpose of cheating,” he cited.

Ayuen said the case shall continue if full investigation has been achieved for a trial to be done.

The Jonglei State police spokesperson Major Majak Daniel Tuor confirmed the arrest of the CEO citing that more investigation would take place.

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