The actual instrument of peace is you

The Pope’s visit being postponed should not drain you. Yes, he could be one a messenger of good news but he is not the one to solely guarantee peace in this nation. It is solely our responsibility as citizens of this Republic to create the peace that we badly want. The best a foreigner can do is maybe pave the way for you but have it for you.

The actual representation of peace for us is not only the absence of war but having an abundant life to live including full health, food, clean water, freedom of speech – expression. South Sudan, imagine a life of such abundances lived by us! Unfortunately to many, these lives are mindboggling to think that they can have them. Starting with graduation complete implementation of peace by the Transitional Government; given a few months to end of the supposed transitional period, and with the Peace Agreement now being pseudo, only tangible progress should be registered.

Do away with the public shows, wannabe country development, condemnations and all international attention displays and provide actual and sustainable solutions to the public. At least start let the government start of the next phase of the decade in real good governance. The question comes back to the public though; are you ready to hold your government accountable for the good work that they are yet to do?            

For the sake of his sick knee as reported by the Press Office in charge of the Pope’s public affairs, let the people of this country accept this news as a normal postponement and wait for when he will be healthy enough to come and pay a visit here but keep in mind that actual peace is created and maintained by you. All religious leaders in the world otherwise would come and visit you in vain.

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