There are more causes of inflation than basic dependency on imports

Experts needs to guide the government on what solutions will work better in the country to save our economy from a serious depression, that is currently sliding into with eyes opened but no vision – it is blind men leading other blind men into the ditch.

The expert would advise that the ones to set the market prices back to normal are not the citizens because the increase and reduction of commodity prices in this free economy especially if that society has scanty knowledge on how to operate business effectively in that free market economy.

In a crisis like now, where only handful of the country are aware of the actual factors that are causing the rise of prices versus the most who are only following suit because they are affected anyway.

Is like adding a salt to injury and like adding paraffin to the fire when the government now underlines the dependence on imported goods as the cause of the constant market instability because there are actually more factors than that including little and inadequate knowledge on basic economics or running business for the sake of economic growth than our own.

Prioritizing local manufacture of food is a great way to gradually revive the dying economy but it is the utmost solution right now. Of what use will it be for the one who wants to fly a plane when they have no idea how to fly it.

Again, the expert would say; ‘first learn how to fly that plane before you purchase or have a private jet – but which of the two is more expensive?’     

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