We need to teach our children to love being African and the greatness there is in it

Day of the African Child, a very important day for the child of African descent set annually to celebrate the milestones that them as children of Africa have achieved both through hard and soft – which is in most times hard.

The African child generally by the world is identified by the dark skin so rich in melanin and same dark curly hair referred to as an Afro ranging from really soft and curly to very hard and curly with both pitch black and hair brown as copper.

Would there have been a better fascinating appearance of a human? I leave that question to those who feel inferior in their beautiful dark skin with very curly hair. This phenomenal identity until its acceptance is felt strong enough to reveal its power openly, the continent will remain in the shadows with only a very small percentage of industrial growth versus the wide calamities that Africa has gone through from ages ago and is still going through.

We as African children are fortunate enough to have been of this land, the land that is having very rich individuals. Where do you find a normal African in their rich continent owning credit cards? We own what we buy. It is just unfortunate that economies very rich with resources are politically destabilized from the time that these riches were discovered. It is worse that a brother is killing his own for another. An African proverb says, “When brothers fight to death a stranger inherit their property”.

Therefore, for the sake of our future generations, let us teach our children to embrace Pan Africanism like Nkurumah whose dream among other Pan Africanists was to make the continent as great as it actually should be. A vision of great Africa.  Happy Day of the African Child South Sudan.

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