A solution at a time provided is better than none given at all

It is hopeful to see tangible solutions to crises in the country like the convoy of food trucks leaving Sudan and into our country soon to hopefully settle down the food scarcity and deepening hunger crisis in the country.

The hint to better bilateral trade between the two countries also is a great note and eye opener for the business people who have an eye for Sudan in such a time of world food crisis where the Horn of Africa was not speared either.

Such opportunities realized and opened for the locals is an indicator that the government is not in deep slumber but rather in grave thought of its citizen’s wellbeing.

But the irony – not surprisingly will be that even as food is brought to the market, the food prices will not come back down because the traders thereof will unrealistically want to make abnormal profits even when draining the poor of the last penny for the sake of the money. It all comes back to the basics though; that only a very small percentage of us able to advise our dear leaders progressive economic ideas if they allowed us to. 

Another great initiative that the government owes the people is to address the underlying causes of the continuing conflict, economic crisis and to stabilize the economy since nothing sincere can operate with the security of people being jeopardized daily. If it is not cattle raids, its revenge killings, or a husband killing his wife with these all caused by a reckless and unfortunately acceptable ownership of arms and the delusion that having a gun is having power. Let the country copy from some that are putting gun control measures to curb gun violence.

With children being malnourished and starving, the entry of food onto the markets should lead to a drop in food prices given its supply therein.  

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