It makes more meaning, only if roads and bridges liter the country

Holding business meetings, trainings, expos with other neighboring countries is a good initiative right now with how there seems to be a worsening situation with trade versus business and versus the rough consumption by the last people in the trade chain.

The first business forum held in the country with Uganda is applaudable given its aim of being one of the ways to ease trade between the two countries and make it favorable for both.

With South Sudan joining the East African Bloc almost six years ago, there was hope for a better economy. Projections in 2016 like boosting the newest member’s economic development – citing heavy reliance on oil revenues being a risky move and one which will lead to an unstable economy but fast forwarding to today, the country’s economy is not getting better.

With bridges being opened – pictures flooding the media and celebrations being done by the people in town; it will make clear sense if this good exercise does not stop here but be spread to other towns to ease movement of goods and foods especially after the local experts warn of the country’s yet to experience terrific rains that will worsen the bad roads beautified with serious potholes.

Back to finding home solutions; the Nimule-Juba road, only biggest road network from the southern neighbors is still grappling with grave potholes which are only worsening the longer they take to fill them, the still uncertain security along the road with abrupt series of ambushes, robberies, attacks which are soon becoming norms but otherwise shouldn’t be allowed to. These issues and a couple others should be addressed first to boost trade with our neighbors, get goods, sell ours, get revenue, make money and we are all happy.

It is already a hard time, let the people’s faces crack with smiles and have their hearts filled with joy. “South Sudan’s being landlocked means strong roads and bridges are essential for the country’s access to nearby markets,” is a great statement to make by the president.   

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