Nicky Prince, Silver X hail and throw shade on musical battle

By Taban Gabriel

Going by the term ‘Battle’ one might fault it to a fight or scuffle, but in the shoes of South Sudanese musicians, ‘Battle of Champions’ simply means a healthy musical or theatre contest.

 Folks have become proficient on how to pick up the pace; the battle of champion according to the views of musicians who had a phone tête-à-tête with the author, means to resuscitate a fading song or musician.

However the just concluded battle of champions hosted at the popular Kilikilu ana comedy show in Nyakuron between Musician McLumoex who doubles as the proprietor of the fun initiative and Rocky J. the self-proclaim ‘Youth God Father’ nearly betrayed the original impression

Folks were seen throwing jab and insults at each other on social media and threatening to go physical before the show was hosted.

However words from social media has it that the show was generally peaceful though unverified realities claims the Assasia ta shokol hitmaker stole the show.

This is the second time McLumoex is initiating such a battle; the previous one was between him and Silver X which also ended in premium tears on the site of the architect

Views from other music lovers suggest that McLumoex’s target wasn’t to triumph in the show but rather to popularize his founded comedy show

However fans of the Rabuna Amir Asalam hit maker likened him to a musician who is affectionate about supporting his fellow South Sudanese musicians

One Lomoro Joseph praised Lumoex for  bringing back Rocky J to limelight “ We all know McLumoex for being a peace maker and he just want to see Rocky back to the game” he said

Effort to reach the two competitors proved futile as McLumoex did not pick the several call attempts by the author. Meanwhile on the other hand, Rocky J’s phone connection was pitiable.

That however didn’t stop the author from reaching out to some key figures in the music industry;

The Holy Land boss Silver X alias Uztas ta Dunia hailed the musical show and advised his buddies not to take the notion personal

“Rocky J is a talented singer we all know, but sincerely speaking the dude need to pull up his socks before he is declared faded” he said

Meanwhile Nicky Prince aka the vocalist of Hard Life Avenue encouraged musicians to support each other; to him the battle of champion is a welcome idea only if musicians take it positively

“You know the music industry doesn’t pay and such shows will help promote musicians who are up for the game” he said

Nicky however distance his crew from such battles “Our music is different from the other people and we don’t have a group to compete with” Nickly said

The Ana yau bi arufu hit hitmaker further bossed of over ten year nonstop music production and asserted that his crew are up to cement a legacy in the music industry.

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