It is high time we copied enforcement of no gun policies too to save us all

“Under no circumstance should someone or group be shot at unless it’s in legitimate operations of law enforcement agencies with justifiable reasons with the state of lawless killings, we are slowly becoming ungovernable,” citizens place their bid on the series of murder. 

As countries are enforcing no gun policies or better still having control of guns, the best we are doing is yell condemnations that will not yield serious fruit other than a series of sympathies that are created after the country has lost lives – even one life is as precious as precious can be since none of us knows how to give it; let us be quick to think about not taking another person’s life regardless the situation or reason there might be.

There is no justification for killing another despite how society/tradition/culture portrays it. Revenge killings! Whoever came up with this absurdity should count their days like the thief whose 40th is coming for misleading a country.

A clear warning with grave punishment should be sound to the ones instigating these carnages that they will face the law when their time comes to pay for their atrocities; if they are caught – given how criminals slide away cleanly from being punished in our beloved country.

With a peace dialogue held earlier this year whose mission was to solve; among the many killings between tribes in Eastern Equatoria State and Greater Pibor Administrative Area, it is like giving pearls to a pig which will just trample on them and make them dirty the way peace talks are held in communities and new killings are recorded – even before a significant time passes by. Revenge, hate, suspicion, pseudo-power, bias, mental illness should be a reason to kill another! If you are mentally sick, go and get treated.           

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