Sprawl is tandem, prowl is Inescapable!! (Part one)

By James Ayiek Bath Acuoth


The snake is a staff of the Witch doctor’s Son! Take it to the bank, Governments will always exploit the Citizens. The most rich and wealthy first class Citizens in South Sudan today are those who had successfully gained credence to work in top government positions. They had swiftly and hastily climbed on the ladder of first class and took off the ladder with them. 

The motto is, ‘No body up, no body down!’ isn’t it genius maze? (Mr).These genius who control wealth and power from the Dawn of South Sudan independence on January 9th, 2011; to date are the successful elites I referred to as Sprawl, (elites’s network) While their ability and tactics (Corruption) deployed to control wealth and power is prowl. 

Today, songs are composed in their praises, ‘exalted.’ they give reward of expensive and luxurious cars, also in cash. ‘Poor us!’ unless we all turn Musicians overnight, we will always be hustlers until that day, ‘the day when God shall speak.’ They, who had access in prowl, seek cover behind the curtains of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell!’ Sprawl is tandem, prowl is inescapable.

My equivalents have neither experiences nor better knowledge than I do, except that they are sons or daughters of Presidents, Ministers and Generals driving V8 or V6 Nissan petrol, to pass by me on streets everyday while on foot trying to make both ends meet.

They, who are my equivalents, are fortunate to qualify in prowl by the virtue of birth. Besides this, they are the only available circuits to prowl if you wish to qualify for it. Note that, lucrative government jobs are classified, meanwhile UN jobs also got indefinite bureaucracy and are inextricably foreign own.

 Maze! (Mr) private sector jobs are also out of bounds. Hence, to get a good job in South Sudan requires an energy of a bulldozer, and a will of matador, or die trying. Sprawl is tandem, prowl is Inescapable!

 Many generations with, or without certificates have tend to hustling, we are still hustling to earn a living. However,   I am baffled that Kenyans referred to their Country, as ‘hustler Nation.’ Wapi? I dare to say that South Sudan is the real hustler Nation!

Like I said, successful governments of the people in many Countries strives to promote bottom up approach to issues of Nation building, and foster equitable sustainable development strategies to benefit all classes of people regardless of status.

The benevolent of the people in power planning and working for the poor is a old notion that depends on top down approach, and can never help the poor, neither will it offer any beneficial piece meal in term of equitable sustainable development in the Nation. 

Either way,, understanding,  and granting an opportunity to the poor to avail solutions to their problems works well as bottom up approach to issues of governance, economic, and social transformation as the fundamental pillars of Nation building.

In rare circumstances, governments crippled by menace civil wars, with rampant’ corruption and moral decadence of social break down (tribalism, & social unrest) can only survive if it take a swift U-turn to abolish top down approach to political, economic and social planning that benefit only the rich and powerful.

For instance, stable governance can only be attained through democratic elections to let people decide on their  leaders and nature of governance through voting in ballot boxes.

On one hand, stable governance would ensure relative peace and security to enable the Citizens to live and work anywhere without fear or repressions in any way to limit the Citizens ability  to regulate their livelihood.

Meanwhile on the other hand, governments that exercised unrestrained power to keep power in the name of planning and working for the poor had miserably failed and has been short lived in many Countries.

To be continued…..

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