Sprawl is tandem, prowl is Inescapable!! (part two)

By James Ayiek Bath Acuoth


The snake is a staff of the Witch doctor’s son. Take it to the bank, governments will always exploits the Citizens. Maze! (Mr.) South Sudan wealth is embezzled overseas, kept and hidden far away in foreign countries for the reasons that only God knows.

While without shame or fear of God! They, who are my people; brag on the wheels of tinted luxurious limousines available only on Hustlers’ streets, without roads. We are living in the ‘Hustler Nation, were top government Officials are flown abroad in rush for standard and professional medics care, while hustlers perish in their poverty.’ 

It is an inevitable shame! I vividly recall that, Dr. John Garang was asked sarcastically in the meeting how he developed balloon stomach with his Commanders while they were rebel leaders. Calm like a dove, he wittingly responded to explain how he developed his balloon stomach, but the rest will carry their cross. ‘I developed my balloon stomach while travelling to various destinations in pursued of the revolutionary cause and in the process, I have been received and fed well.’ he said.  (Genius, isn’t it maze, Mr.?)

Cognizant of the extreme wealth ranging from real estate businesses, unlimited Bank accounts both foreign own and at home, private aviation, hotels with unlimited private own limousines all belonging to top government elites. Excetra, so forth and so on. What if the question is posted deliberately to the leadership to explain how they got those wealth, and how much is the salary of an individual?

I am still waiting to hear how some will try to stammer in response. However, analytically, the most known reaction when such questions arise is to intimidate, or label the critic as rebel, and perhaps put behind bars, period.

Maze, (Mr.) It is such a shame and sad, sufficiently sad to live with memory of our fallen martyrs who voluntarily sacrificed their precious souls in the name of liberation struggle for freedom including the father of the author, only to know later that the very freedom is betrayed, fatally stabbed at the back.

Viewed as such, ‘I stealthily refuse to accept that South Sudan is a failed State as it is portrayed by the rest in global arena.’ The effort employed by the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD), with the rest in the International Community to stall the Revitalized Peace Agreement is a potential turning point to do the unthinkable if there is a will.

This Country, South Sudan can do better than the rest in the entire Eastern Africa, if the leadership agree willingly and voluntarily to adopt the following strategies that would lift this Country out from failing further.

R-TGONU stand a chance to develop and adopt a Supreme permanent Constitution that could reign above political Parties ideologies, with vested interests. The supreme Constitution must define equal powers of both the Executive, Assembly and Judiciary, to avoid Executive manipulation of Constitutional powers for the benefit of people in power.

On the other hand, it is deemed necessary for R-TGoNU to organize free and fair elections to hand over the government of the people, for the people, by the people to the people. This is the only opportunity for the people of South Sudan to race in ballots instead of bullets. It is the only chance to create a new history to let the people of South Sudan breath fresh air free from toxicated dins of barrels.

Equally, Corruption is another heartless enemy breaking South Sudan into pieces. It is the reason why South Sudanese are bog down with tribalism and enmity. Corruption has bred a lot of intervening barriers in the Nation building. Nevertheless, R-TGoNU can out fist corruption if Anti-corruption police is recruited and the Anti-corruption commission empowered to deal with issues of accountability and transparency to stop this malpractice in the system of governance.

Also, the government ought to downsize this huge employment, increase the salary, and cut huge government spending in-order to increase income for the working class, and match spending to income.

To be continue…

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