Making promises repeatedly that one does not keep makes them a liar eventually

Murders, sexual abuse, hunger, poverty, disease, civil wars are some of the issues that this country has been painfully going through from the time she gained independence and now issues of flooding and dredging of the Sudd floodplains are joining in on the nations long list of issues. 

With promises made by the President on how to make the country a better one including no more wars, better infrastructures, and now no dredging until an environmental study has been made, punishment of murderers are hopeful to the public but only if the promises are kept to the end. 

“I am today freezing any planned dredging activities in the SUDD region until credible professional evidence-based studies are carried out on the impacts of dredging both on the surrounding communities and their ecosystems to these effects, I am directing the ministry of Environment and Forestry to initiate the process of identifying and eventually hiring credible experts who will carry out the said feasibility studies”.

“I have directed the Ministry of Finance and Planning to pay all the salary arrears owed to public servants, a task they are about to accomplish at the moment”. Another one which if not followed may end up not being manifested.

After giving a promise of not taking the country back to war in the presence of the Vatican representative and a few days later; fresh killings are registered in Nimule with the criminals still roaming freely and killing more. Was he meaning what he said or was he only pleasing the Vatican?

Another new promise following in on the series is on how murderers will account for their acts but shortly after such a declaration, people are shot to death in Nimule by criminals who have invaded their land for months, tortured the locals and run free. It is high time that the head of state kept his promises that he gives to his people.  

A promise is a debt.  

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