Commissioner urges residents to embark on farming

Yei River County Commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa adding jubilant crowd during the 11 anniversary celebrations in Yei on Saturday July 9 2022 (Photo: James Innocent)

By James Innocent

The Commissioner of Yei River County in Central Equatoria State, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa has urged citizens of Yei River County to embark on serious farming and produce more food to fight hunger.

Commissioner Cyrus made the remarks during the commemoration of the 11th Anniversary of South Sudan independence. He promised Yei residents, tractors to support their cultivation activities.

He said the people of Yei had been facing challenges of war hunger and climate change. The Commissioner however said, they had come up with initiative known as “Yei green home agricultural program” which is going to support farmers with tractors for free digging.

“We are facing challenges of three things one is war, hunger and climate change, I came up with a good initiative called Yei green home agricultural program and this program will work well for you as farmers,” Cyrus stated.

The Commissioner has assured farmers that tractors will be provided to dig their gardens at relatively low cost, of only 30 percent of the 100 percent charges for the tractors’ hire, which the governor will be demanding from them.

He appealed to farmers to cultivate enormously to pay school fees for their children with the livelihood support program implemented in Yei.

“We have a good program as government supported by UNOPS where you can dig for yourself and your given money in cash to pay for your school fees and it’s our government money,” he told citizens in Yei River.

“I appeal to each and every citizen to continue with farming in other to change the life of living in hunger and we want to increase the number of people farming,” he added.

However, the youth representative of Yei River County Johnson Poru Hillary appealed to young people to provide shades for the heroes who perished during the liberation, so that it can also change the climate.

“We as the youths of Central Equatoria would like to remember our martyrs by providing shades in order to fight against climatic change in the environment as all of us are facing climatic change and we know that climate change is a life threatening,” he said.

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