When shall the country learn that bleeding and whining won’t solve a thing?

As the fresh violent attacks rise in some parts of the country while some are healing and some have been peaceful for a while now, don’t we all admire those who are living in peace – day in day out?

For how long shall the poor and helpless ones mourn and grieve if they keep on burying their loved ones who die by the gun/knife/flame and whatever kind of violence there is? How do you call a government that designs and announces buildings of less relevant government structures but neglecting critical issues of building great roads for transporting food, of armed civilians, soldiers freely killing unarmed civilians, the peace implementation still moving at an unbelievably slow pace, the only solution to the floods is cry for more funding, selling the country’s resources and borrowing loads of money that is eventually not used for the citizen’s sake but later burdening the people for whom the debt was supposed to help in the first place with… adding the worsening market prices and crippling economic crisis will appear like an overdose of the already wrongs that need to be made right but marking 11 years of self-rule, the country is still living by empty promises.  

A country where people are yearning for democracy, it is almost forgotten that the reigning government is not democratic. It is not one that was elected into governance by the people of South Sudan and that is why as the transitional period is closing in, there is hope for the people to exercise their power and hopefully have one a government that will truly have the safety, security and life of the nationals at heart. 

“We know that the whole world wants South Sudan to hold a democratic election without understanding the constraints we are facing to lead us to the general elections. President Salva Kiir Mayardit is working hard to lead the country towards stability and political democracy,” government stated.

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