Celebrating 2 years! It has been a milestone achieved for No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper

A newspaper that started as an online paper in 2019 but morphed into hard copy on 14th July 2020; operating both online and physically during the Coronavirus Pandemic has stood its tide to become the country’s leading English newspaper.

Born from an individual’s love for access to credible local information, to empower and protect national female journalists and be a platform for student journalists on training, the newspaper has found its way into the hearts of the people of South Sudan.

From the name Number One Citizen, the newspaper is dedicated to the people with stories of public interest and providing solutions to the problems that they are facing as they live in this country. It now has over 28 employees today counting up from 7 in the first year of physical operation and still expanding to provide more jobs for the many young people in the society. The journalists here cover not only the capital city but the states and with reporters from Uganda too. It is surely the “Voice of Africa and Beyond”.

In the next eight years, this newspaper will be the most demanded in the country and region with the online paper expanding and reaching millions daily since it will be fully coloured and having its independent printing resources and its own headquarters and branches.

As we celebrate two years, we thank you our cherished readers for welcoming us and loving us. You have given us a platform to grow by correcting us when we go wrong. In your identifying of errors and share with us for our sake, we appreciate and promise to grow and become the greatest that this region has never seen.

In our two years, we have balanced the gender gap; we have had and still have female journalists, protected them from harassment, mistreatment and abuse. No case of abuse has been reported. We could owe this to the penalty or the good conduct of our general staff but we thank all our employees for their professionalism held for the two years and the new staff as well for abiding by the code of conduct of No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper. Congratulations team!

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