OPINION: Sprawl is tandem, prowl is Inescapable!! (Part three)

Sprawl is tandem, prowl is Inescapable!! (Part three)

By James Ayiek Bath Acuoth


Snake is a staff for the witch doctor’s Son. Take it to the bank, governments will always exploits the Citizens! I commend and applauds President Salva Kiir Mayardit on the bold decision he has taken to suspend dredging until further notice. 

This is a brave and a brilliant decision that deserves a clap. Equally, I hereby challenge the President to send space ship to Mars with this message, sufficient food, people’s confidence, and sufficient weapons.

When asked about the ingredients of good government, Confucius a Roman leader answered, ‘sufficient food, sufficient weapons and the confidence of common people.’

Armed to the teeth, the interviewer equivocally asked him, ‘what if you had no choice but to dispense with one, which one would you forego? ‘weapons’ Confucius replied. Persistently, he was asked again, suppose you were then forced to dispense with one of the two that are left, which would you forego? ‘Food’ Confucius said. of old, hunger has been the lot of all men,  but the people that no longer trusts it’s leaders is lost indeed.

Taking a glimpse from the Confucius point of view, you may agree with me indeed that, South Sudan has sufficient weapons without sufficient food or confidence of the common people. Although, the masses seems to sit on fence,  it does not signal that South Sudanese are chuffed to bits.

Sufficient weapons without sufficient food and confidence of the common people is like playing chess game without a board. When the American rang the bell of Liberty in 1776, America has dwelt by virtues of liberty, and became a land of the free to this day.

What made America land of the great people is rooted in sufficient food, confidence of the common people, and sufficient weapons. but whatever transpired or flattered South Sudan to choose sufficient weapons without food or people confidence is still a mystery to fit in many nerves.

South Sudan could have been a bread basket to produce sufficient food for herself and the entire Eastern Africa Countries if Agriculture was granted a priority from the Dawn of CPA Interim period until independence since the Country is blessed with fertile land and abundant water resources.

The pre- CPA funding was so huge, beside National budget allocation from the oil share with other incomes. Unfortunately, the government had no plans for alternative economy, nor the will to foster sustainable development such as physical infrastructure, improve health care, and education in the South.

However, the sudden shift in short lived joy of independence in January 2011, got us spill spree with jubilation like news of trumpet return of Jesus Christ, and got us perplex to know the way forward.

Maze! Any Country that manufacture and nurture Politicians, the common people always pay the price. This is the reason South Sudan spends State budget to buy sufficient weapons to protect the politicians as food and confidence of the people diminish, the weapons rule.

To be continued….

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