OPINION: The 8Ps and their reflections in life

By Akol Arop Akol

The following are the realities that I have understood about life. Almost everyone doesn’t know they and that’s why they lost hope consistent struggle. Here are they, hope they will inspire you.


God told the first mankind to reproduce and fill the world, this means life in this world is about people. You don’t need to hate anyone around you, never abuse or fight anyone even if they do you wrong. That person will one day help you out of a different situation, forgive people, smile and live in peace with them. That’s the meaning of life.


Every human being is either trying to come out of poverty or avoiding getting into it. Children are going to school, strong man cultivating and young people are struggling for jobs, it is because they are affected by poverty. In life we all have to struggle to eradicate poverty or reduce it in our families, communities and societies.


It could be better to be jobless but still have a program you are working on, you should go to bed and wake up in the morning with plans and objectives, have a program to follow and implement. Know what program to do each hour, day, week month and year…


This means have time for fun had enjoyment. Party could be for music, wedding or comedy show, go there sometimes to spend time with friends. Whenever you have succeed in life like being promoted to next position at work, performed best at school or given an award, throw a joyful party. Life needs happiness and mind peacefulness.


Position at the family, community and society level, you must have it, don’t stay in one place always. Work harder to go to another level of leadership, business, education or social status. Never feel small; you have your own position in this World. If you are driving someone’s bus today for transport business, save some money such that you buy your own car tomorrow. If you are a basketball player today, then train and play hard to become an icon, perhaps become a coach.


When learning, working in a company, or while walking on streets, first remember your purpose in life. You were created in your mother womb and born to accomplish dreams and fulfill mission given by Divine God not only you increase population or to suffer for nothing but here to live up to glory, happiness and success.


We work hard because we are not comfortable at where we are today. That’s the ego to progress. It means to change, don’t get stuck in one place. If you see people who have gone to school enrolling for more studies, if you see a business man trying to set up more companies or a farmer extends his garden, that’s because they are not contented with the little they have, they need more. They need to leave one town for another city, they need to add friends and have business partnerships that are what progress needs.


There is a power in you, that you haven’t discovered and used it all. It is a power of believing in yourself, power to resist temptations, power to stand alone even when relatives and friends betray you, power to hope for success. Your mind is the master of life. If you train it well to think positively, it will let you get what you want. Your tongue is also capable of cursing and blessing yourself and others. Train to speak morally and good things will follow you.

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